FDA Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Shadow Panel

Monitoring the FDA's Regulation of Tobacco to Make Sure the Public's Health is Being Best Served

Panel Members
Alan Blum
John O'Hara
Heinz Ginzel
Edward Anselm
Michael Siegel
John Polito
Michael Givel
Martin Pion
Eric Solberg
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John R. Polito, JD

Biography: John Polito is a nicotine cessation educator. He is the 1999 founder and director of WhyQuit.com, a popular quitting forum, and co-founder of Freedom from Nicotine, an online education oriented peer cessation support group. John was a U.S. Navy master training specialist and has a 1985 J.D. from the University of South Carolina School of Law.

Conflicts of Interest: None (no present or past funding from tobacco companies or pharmaceutical companies).