FDA Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Shadow Panel

Monitoring the FDA's Regulation of Tobacco to Make Sure the Public's Health is Being Best Served

Panel Members
Alan Blum
John O'Hara
Heinz Ginzel
Edward Anselm
Michael Siegel
John Polito
Michael Givel
Martin Pion
Eric Solberg
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John O'Hara, BS, MS, PhD

Biography: Dr. O'Hara founded the Maryland Group Against Smoker's Pollution in 1975. Maryland GASP is primarily responsible for every piece of tobacco control legislation passed in Maryland. This includes smokefree indoor air, tobacco taxes, elimination of tobacco machines, sampling, student smoking areas in schools,etc. In addition, Jim Repace and Dr. O'Hara did seminal research on respirable suspended air particulates back in the 70's that gave the first solid basis for clean indoor air laws on a national basis. MDGASP members were also responsible for getting many federal organizations to go smokefree.

Conflicts of Interest: None.